OM Tats

The past month saw new friends and more inking. Meet 3 wacky individuals who recently visited Black Emperor; (from left) Barry, Jon and Tian.

They had 1 single mission in mind and that was " Going OM ". ( "Going Om" by the way, is located at 63 Haji Lane, Singapore. If you seek a sanctuary of good food, cozy atmosphere and nice people; this place is ideal for you. )

Bent on having the sacred mantra inscribed on their skin to signify their friendship and affinity for each other, they trotted down to Black Emperor to affirm the pack. Jon was the first. After saying a quick prayer, he bravely went under the needle.

Then it was Barry's turn. He begs for mercy and asks for leniency, but goes through with it anyway.

Last but not least, came the final comrade. She was adamant on joining her cronies. To prove her loyalty, she opted for something bigger. Her "OM" needed to say a lot more...

In the end, the deed was done. Emerging victorious and with renewed vigour, the 3 compare tats and body parts. They also strike a pose for the camera. A truly memorable picture was necessary.

Swweeet... Black Emperor would like to thank Tian Daphne for her approval and contribution of pictures ;-)


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